The printing industry is in a constant state of transformation.
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Handwritten mailings as an eye catcher

At the present time, being constantly flooded on all senses, a handwritten card or letter makes definitely a very positive impression. Does it not make you feel good when you can take out a handwritten card from the letterbox? I am in any case pleased whenever I receive a personally written message from a friend.

A handwritten message certainly not only attracts great attention, but also leaves a positive long-lasting impression. The more the message (the offer) you are conveying is relevant and attractive, the better will be the (sale) prospects.

Is this affordable?

Thanks to the latest generation of writing robots, even mailings of ten thousand copies can be realized at interesting conditions. And this can be done in a reasonable time frame.

We have seven standard fonts at our disposal. However, we can also digitalize your own handwriting and use it.

Testing is worthwhile

It makes sense that this exclusive instrument is more likely to be used for an exquisite small circle of customers. After all, the importance of addressing the customer personally should not be underestimated. Good opportunities are invitations, birthdays, thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas and many more.

Would you like to see real samples? If so, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to show them to you and to give you non-binding advice.

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