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How will paper prices develop in 2016?

In early 2015, paper price increases of up to 10% were unanimously announced by the paper trade. The Euro shock of mid January changed the picture and many things looked different from before. The announced price increases could only be realized partially by the paper trading companies. Especially for large print jobs, price reductions had to be given as foreign competitors put the printers under enormous price pressure.

What are the prospects for 2016? Again, the paper trade forecasts price increases of 2-5% as of the beginning of next year. Thus the increase in costs should remain relatively moderate. The reason given for the likely price increase is the rise in raw material costs from the paper mills and the current unsatisfactory earnings situation. It depends on the market development to which extent this price increase can be enforced. 

In this context, you must check what the paper cost share is compared to the total costs of the printing product. For example, the share differs between 1% for 200 flyers and 60% for brochures with a print volume of half a million. Consequently, the surcharge is of no importance or accounts for maximum 3%.

Nevertheless, we have thought about what can be done to counteract this trend or how to cut unnecessary costs. You can, for example, look for alternative, qualitatively comparable papers. Maybe one can also somewhat reduce the paper thickness, without having a significant quality loss. It should also be checked if the printing volume can be reduced through a more effective target use of the printing products. For mailings one should update and better select address data in order to reduce wastage.

Obviously, the conditions you are granted for procuring your printing products are of vital importance. We are very happy to help you to achieve the optimal solutions. Please contact us without any obligation.

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