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Take advantage of the larger advertising space on the mailing envelopes!

The Swiss Post has recently introduced the new design possibilities for personalized mailings “Address Block”. You can now cover almost the entire surface of your mailing envelopes with advertising. Only the sender details and the coding zone must be placed in the white field.

There is no longer a franking zone, and also the space to the right and underneath the address can now be used for advertising. However, the condition is that the data matrix code of the Swiss Post must be printed in the address field. If you already use such a code, only the layout must be slightly adjusted. Furthermore, for envelopes up to size B5, a slightly bigger code zone is required, i.e. 140 x 25 mm instead of the usual 140 x 15 mm.

These changes are effective immediately and offer you considerably more design possibilities in order to enhance the advertising effect of your mailings. Why not benefit from these advantages as long as others do not profit yet!  

PS: There are no additional mailing costs for this new layout. 

You can find out more on or let us advise you. 

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