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Established relationships often play a role in the production of printed material. However, do they also guarantee the optimal use of your resources, or over time do you tend to become blinded by familiarity? The result can be the unexpected loss of large amounts of money. This is where we step in with an objective and neutral analysis and consulting service. We will open up new possibilities and opportunities for you.

The procedure

Having an outside view during decision-making processes is often worth its weight in gold. We analyse the customer's current situation regarding the production of printed matter and mass mailings. We keep the focus on process optimisation and cost savings coupled with increased efficiency and improved solutions. Does your team have the optimal performance needed? Have the mailing addresses being selected properly? Have the right suppliers been chosen? How is the response to a direct-mailing campaign being handled? Etc.

Your advantages

You will receive optimum solutions.

Thanks to our extensive technology and market expertise, we offer you a wide array of optimisation recommendations regarding effectiveness, quality, deadlines, costs, personnel and security.

You will save on costs thanks to lean processes.
We examine the current processes: Can the material flow be simplified? Shortened? Have the right employees been assigned to the right positions, or with which kind of further training can they be supported? Which technologies would deliver even more profitable results? These are some of the questions which guide us in evaluating and optimising your processes. We proceed in a product- and process-oriented manner and simplify methods; from sales and production to after-sales service. This allows you to reduce labour and save on costs.

You will be able to purchase at lower rates.
Our market expertise and network of contacts enable us to rapidly select the optimum suppliers to meet your objectives, and when we tender offers for you, optimum purchasing conditions are guaranteed. The result: lower prices for you.

Your production and strategy questions receive professional answers.
We offer comprehensive consulting: We find out where money is being lost during the process – and where money can be saved. We show you your market opportunities. We achieve congruence between corporate goals and printed advertising material. In short, we create sustainable added value.

You will improve your market position.
Since you only need to supervise the optimisation work and must not carry it out yourself, you will be able to find time for this project. This can be realised very quickly and easily. And because its implementation is guaranteed, it will bring you and your company forward in the market.

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